MOMA PS1 Greater New York Exhibition Response

Joy Episalla

TV series   l   2005 – to present   l   chromogenic print mounted to plexi + wood frame

47 x 54.5 cm. (18.5 x 21.5 in.)

The frame in the frame in the frame play my expectation of frame in the museum, the frame of images in TV, and give me load of imagination of what happening in the rooms.

Alvin Baltrop 

Alvin Baltrop, Untitled, 1975-1986, Gelatin-Silver Print, 5″x8.5″

Alvin Baltrop
The Piers (exterior view of Day’s End) 1975-86
Silver Gelatin Print
4 x 6 inches

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.23.33 PM
Shelley Seccombe, Sunbathing on the Edge, Pier 52, 1977, contemporary archival digital print, 11×15”–october-10-2015-1330

Abandoned social issue and abandoned city, totally neglect. However, somehow it looks like a paradise, a space people can breath the air without under judgmental glares.


Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark, “Conical Interest,” 1974.

Gordon Matta-Clark.”Office Baroque”, 1977. Anvers, Bèlgica. © Col·lecció MACBA

LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Physical surrealism. WOW! Break our common sense of dimension which is always too common and boring.

MOMA PS1 Greater New York Exhibition Response

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